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Editing example [ Frame 5 (corners) action ]
Get virtual and elastic frames for your digital pictures, to make them look cool and professional with one click. Generate spectacular effects that work with pictures of any size. Classic and modern frame themes at your fingerprints! What are you waiting for?

㋡ frame 1 (spray) action - for thin, modern, white and irregular frame shape
㋡ frame 2 (wave) action - for thin, classic, white and wavy frame shape
㋡ frame 3 (ocean) action - for thin, modern, black and cool frame shape
㋡ frame 4 (shadow) action - for thin, classic, white and elegant frame shape with shadow
㋡ frame 5 (corners) action - for original picture corners with adjustable background

Price: 5.00 EUR
Pay once - use forever!
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Compatibility info
For Adobe Photoshop, Versions: CS2-CS6
Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop CC, CC 2018, CC 2019)
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→ Products we sell are digital products therefore no refund will be issued
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Installation instructions
Here's a quick tutorial on how to install .atn files in Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Creative Cloud:
1 → Save your purchased actions in an easy to find folder on your computer
2 → Open Photoshop and go to the actions panel (if the actions panel is not visible, go to [ Window ] menu and then click [ Actions ])
3 → Select [ Load actions ] from the drop down menu of the actions panel
4 → Navigate to your folder and select the file(s) ending in .atn
5 → Click [ Open ] command. This will load your actions.
Keep safe the folder where you saved the action file(s). If you delete the folder, the actions from the Photoshop will be deleted too!
Running the actions
To use Photoshop actions, first make sure your Actions panel is visible (if the actions panel is not visible, go to [ Window ] menu and then click [ Actions ]).
1 → To run the action, click on the individual action (NOT the entire action folder but single action). To do so, click the blue arrow on the left of the chosen action folder, for example blue arrow next to "Action 4" and then click on the individual action)
2 → Click "Play" triangle shaped button ▶️ and wait for the action to complete
Each eye looks at the picture from a slightly different angle. Each picture is different therefore the default settings for an action need to be adjusted to achieve the perfect look for your picture. Just customize a Photoshop action once you apply it to your picture. You can do it by adjusting single layers within the layer group.
Read before you buy
By placing an order you accept our Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use. Please read carefully our Compatibility info. Please note that in case of incompatibility with your software version not listed in our Compatibility info, no refund will be issued.
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We will gladly get back to you within 24 hours! Please note that all products we sell are digital products and are not refundable!
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